Lease Director

Perry Reeh

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VoMac leasing proudly offers 24/7 leasing and rental services.

Our full-service leasing and rental services include the following options:
• Short and long term rentals
• Guaranteed maintenance agreements
• Mack, Volvo, Isuzu, and Hino products
• Day-cab tractors, box trucks, and refrigerated box trucks
• Preventative maintenance, warranty repairs, other repairs, and substitute vehicles
• Business services (parts, labor, taxes, permitting, fuel cards)
• 24/7 full-service fuel tax, licensing, and legalization
• Permitting assistance (oversize, overweight, temporary fuel, trip, and IRP)
• 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance supported by over 500 authorized dealers


The Truck Sales Group provides all of your financing and insurance needs. Whether you are a first-time buyer, returning customer, or fleet operator, we will accommodate you and your business.

Get your credit approved quickly with competitive terms by completing our credit application.
We offer physical damage, non-trucking/bobtail, cargo, and gap insurance.

Loan Financing

Loan financing or debt financing is the option to finance your purchase using either a credit sales contract, secured promissory note, or master loan agreement. We can customize the down payment, term, balloon, and payments (seasonal, accelerated, or structured) to meet your needs.

Loan terms typically range from 18-72 months. With a loan, you are entitled to all of the depreciation for tax and accounting purposes because you own the equipment. On your financial statements, you will normally be able to report the equipment as an asset and be able to report annual depreciation and interest expenses.

TRAC Lease

A TRAC (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause) lease has a preset lease term and specified residual (balloon) amount. You may have the option to make an initial advance payment of rent in an amount up to 10% of the original equipment costs to reduce monthly rental payments during the lease term. At the end of the lease term, you are responsible for any shortfall between the residual amount and the net proceeds from the sale of the equipment. You may have an option to purchase the equipment, arrange for the sale of the equipment to a third party, or return the equipment to us for re-marketing. If sale proceeds from any of the above are in excess of the residual amount, you get the profit. Alternatively, if the equipment is returned to us for re-marketing, you are responsible for the cost of any deficiency remaining after the sale.

FMV Lease

A FMV (Fair Market Value) lease or "walk away" lease is a special form of lease where at the end of the term (subject to turn-in requirements) you are entitled to turn the equipment back in without any obligation to pay the residual amount. This highly structured lease carries specific return conditions and mileage limitations along with all of the general lease restrictions.

A FMV usually offers the lowest monthly payments, but you will not obtain any equity in the equipment. This product is currently available to fleet customers financing new equipment, where the fleet operates more than 25 power units. The minimum purchase is 5 units, and is subject to rigorous credit qualifications.